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Why Does "Human Grade" Matter?

First things first – when we talk about human grade food for dogs, we’re not talking about feeding dogs food meant for people. The expression “human grade” when it comes to dog food refers to the quality of the food, the way it’s processed and the way it’s packed. There’s very little here having to do with people being able to eat the food. We don’t sell people food! The label means the food is SAFE for humans to consume – though of course, we don’t recommend it!

As you probably know, plenty of dog food on the market doesn’t have that safety standard. And the standard is important, because it means a variety of things for your dog.

Multi-serving human grade often equals no preservatives. You’ll typically find human grade dog treats in a resealable pack.

 Is Human Grade Dog Food High Quality?

Human grade dog food is quality tested – and in the case of dog treats like jerky, hand-cut and often locally sourced.

 The human grade label means the treats meet a specific standard of quality and safety.

In most cases, human grade dog treats work for dogs who have sensitive stomachs and allergies.

 What Do I Need to Know?

The cut ensures dog owners know the appropriate serving size to feed pets, and the hand-cut also yields another opportunity to quality test the product.

We’re now proud to be carrying all barks treats – a natural, hand-cut and human grade brand dog treat made from natural protein sources like kangaroo and minnow. These treats are fantastic for pets with GI issues, sensitivities or allergies – and they’re made locally, so you know what you’re getting!


Check out our selection of all barks treats HERE and your pet will enjoy!


-Claudia and Sasha

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