Perk up your morning routine with coffee and a walk with your dog

Perk up your morning routine with a cup of organic coffee and a walk with your four legged friend.

What is your morning routine like? Do you wake bleary-eyed, reaching for the snooze button before finally giving in and getting up only to stumble across your pet pooch who has far more energy and excitement than you think possible for this time of day? Or do you spring out of bed rearing to take on the day?

Taking your dog for a walk in the morning is one of the best ways to bond with your pooch. Spending time with them in a way which stimulates their natural pack behaviour and helps you both to spend time together in a way which will start to create a lifelong bond with your furry best friend. But, a lot of us fall into that first camp and find getting started in the morning a bit difficult. We can often do with a little something extra to get us up to speed and ready to keep pace with the dog in our lives first thing.

A bit of early morning exercise can be great for us. It is a good way to start the day and get you moving. Taking your dog for a walk helps you to reach that goal of walking 10,000 steps a day too. So how do we get you awake enough to walk your dog in the right way to create a bond?

A good cup of organic coffee, just like this Nicaragua High Grown Organic coffee, goes a long way to waking you up in the morning, boosting your energy levels so you are awake enough to have a great and fun walkies with your dog.

Creating a bond with your dog takes effort from both you and your dog. You both have to invest time, energy and emotion to create a deep and lasting bond, just like when you bond with people. As you make the effort and put in the time together with your dog, you will start to establish and then strengthen your bond, building your position as their ‘Alpha’ or pack leader.

Starting and ending your days together with a walk helps you to form that bond you want to build with your pooch. Part of building that bond means walking your dog in the right way. That doesn’t mean a lazy walk, rather it means walking your dog in the right way - leadership walking. Leadership walks means taking charge and becoming your dog’s pack leader. You take charge of when they are allowed to sniff, mark their territory or stop and sniff. Your job is to encourage your dog to stay at your side and focus their attention on you and your walk together.

Learning how to take that walk together is one of the basics of dog ownership. It starts when you first bring your new friend home. Most dog classes will teach you how to correctly walk your dog, showing you the proper way to keep your pooch under control and at heal by your side.

Walking your dog in the right way is not rocket science, but not all dog owners have been to classes or know how to walk their dog in the right way. Have you ever seen someone jogging behind their dog, trying to keep up with their pooch? It can be a bit comical seeing people being dragged along. On the other hand it’s often difficult watching an owner struggle, almost dragging them or having to stop and pick them up if they are small enough.

Taking your dog for a pack walk or leadership walk is the key to creating and building an everlasting bond with your dog. As you build up time spent walking together, you dog will look forward to the walks and start to respond better to them. During these walks, your dog will learn to follow your lead as you set the pace. You choose where the walk takes you, when it starts and when it ends. Following establishes you as the leader of the pack.

Another good way to build your bond with your furry friend on a pack walk is by talking to and encouraging them. Give them praise, praise and more praise as they are walking the way you want. Show your dog how pleased you are with them as they calmly walk by your side. Your dog needs clear signals showing when they are doing right. They really want to do nothing more than to please you, their boss. Through associative learning, repetition and positive reinforcement of good behaviour, your dog will learn to repeat this behaviour. Remember, you can never praise them too much.

To keep your dog interested you need to keep your walks long enough that they get exercise, but short enough that they are left wanting more and have their interest stimulated. Switch up parks you visit and routes you take. These walks are a great way to keep your dog under control, focused on you and stimulated through the day when you are at work. 

Talk to your dog, let them know you’re pleased with them and that they are doing well. Spending time together doing things which are fun creates that bond you’ve been looking for and that morning cup of coffee can help keep you awake enough to fully enjoy it!

Taking a morning walk with your dog for as little as 20 minutes each time. Keep your dog under control, talk to them and show them how proud of them you are. In just a week you’ll see a huge difference and start to feel that bond growing.

Claudia Karba
Claudia Karba


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