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Springtime Salve-ation!

Oct 06, 2016 0 comments
Springtime Salve-ation!

Ahhhhh, springtime.

Think daffodils, birds singing, new life, the smell of fresh cut grass, blue sky and lambs skipping. Try not to think about the accompanying seeding grasses, the pollen of a million freshly opened flowers, equinoctial winds, hot pavements and the return of all your favourite pestiferous insects.

To make the most of this beautiful time of year you’re just gotta get out there and take the challenges in stride. While we’re dusting off our Daisy Dukes, and stocking up on our favourite sunscreen and lip balm, it’s important to remember that our four-legged friends can face just as many springtime challenges as their two-legged family members. Whether it’s crusty noses from wind, sun and seasonal sneezles, sore paws from hot pavement, insects bites, or an itchy rash from a long and blissful scruffle in the grass - spring is the season to make sure your canine firstaid kit is stocked and ready.

Wondering just where to start? Organic Bone have got you covered! Just in the nick of
(spring)time, we’ve landed the absolutely gorgeous apothecary range by Loyal Canine. Lovingly made in Canada, this beautiful range of natural salves was born of founder Allan Glenfield's efforts to find a natural solution for his French bulldog Frankie’s chronic dry nose. Well, from Frankie’s nose to the noses of the world, we’re so very excited to bring Loyal Canine to dogs Down Under!

Don’t Come the Raw Paw With Me, Mate…

As the days get warmer, and particularly if you walk your dog in the city or the ‘burbs, always take care when you step out onto hot pavement or concrete. On hot days it’s often best to play it safe and stick to grass verges or head to the park. Remember the 5 second rule: put the back of your hand on the pavement, if you can’t hold it there for a good 5 seconds it’s likely to cook your dog’s paws like the proverbial Aussie prawn on a barbie. Yet no matter how careful we are we all know that, when it comes to #doglife, accidents do happen! Loyal Canine’s No.1 Pawmade Paw Protector is an all-natural ointment that protects and heals a dog’s paw pads from everyday wear and tear. The carefully selected ingredients create a barrier between the ground and paws, protecting them from future wear, while promoting healing and pain relief from existing damage.

Rub Your Nose in It…

When the nose you love has a case of the crusties, whether from sun or wind burn, too little (or too much) tongue, or a breed-related chronic dry nose, it’s Black Lightning Nose Balm to the rescue! Loyal Canine’s Black Lightning is an all-natural ointment that will heal, protect, and bring back a bright shine to your dog’s nose. Developed from a unique blend of natural moisturising ingredients combined with the healing powers of sea buckthorn oil, the balm helps soothe any existing cracking, dryness, and soreness, as well as protect from future damage.

First Aid is the Best Aid…

The pièce de résistance of any canine first aid kit, Loyal Canine’s First Aid Healing Ointment is for the adventurous dog; the larrikin, the maverick, the eye-on-the-prize-but-not-where-I’m-going type character. Great for minor cuts, sores, burns, skin irritations, rashes and eczema relief, this allnatural healing ointment is formulated from a special blend of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antiinflammatory ingredients that will speed up recovery and minimise scaring. Quite simply, the perfect accompaniment for springtime escapades.

When It's Time to Come Clean…

When all that fresh grass is just perfect for scruffling and bounding through, a consequential case of the springtime itchies can be a real downer. Loyal Canine’s Lucky Pup Dog Soap soothes and moisturises dry, angry, itchy skin, washing away all those irritating irritants, leaving your little hooligan refreshed and ready to scruffle another day. Lucky Pup champions the highest quality plant-based ingredients including Shea butter, African black soap, coconut oil, and glycerine - all rich in natural emollients, minerals, and anti-oxidants. This exceptional all-natural soap includes a proprietary blend of essential oils to relieve stress, condition fur and help scare off ticks and fleas. Oh, and did we mention it comes with a super cute and totally functional little finger-rope attached? Soaping-up at bath time has never been easier!

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