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Supplements - Healthy Dog, Happy Life!

Jun 16, 2016 0 comments
Supplements - Healthy Dog, Happy Life!

It’s probably safe to say that if you’re already here at Organic Bone, then we can count you amongst the health-conscious. Welcome to the club! We’re the ones who’ve figured out that there’s more than a grain of truth to the old adage ‘we are what we eat’. We know that the way we treat our bodies effects not only the way we feel and perform tomorrow, but also our resilience to disease and age-related degeneration as we get older.

You’ve likely already personally experienced the benefits of quality vitamin, mineral, antioxidant and superfood supplements on your own health; whether treating a vitamin or mineral deficiency, boosting immunity, preventing wear and tear, assisting our body’s natural resilience during times of stress or helping our bodies detox from the unavoidable environmental toxins that come with modern living. Imagine what it might mean for your pet’s health and longevity if you could share that same experience with them?

It’s well researched and documented that in this modern era, due to degraded soil qualities, artificial ripening, chemical spraying and genetic engineering, the food we (and our pets) consume just doesn’t pack the same nutritious punch it did, say, a hundred years ago. Just like us, dogs just don’t get everything they need for optimal health from the food they eat alone, even on the healthiest diet. And just like us, they respond amazingly well to a quality supplement regime tailored to suit their needs.

I’m a huge believer of natural supplementation for dogs. I mean, if you maximise their longevity and their quality of life, the longer they live and the healthier and happier that life is, the more joy you both get out of your time together.

For years now I’ve been supplementing my bull terrier Lulu’s diet with carefully researched high-quality, human-grade supplements to suit her changing needs as she ages. Lulu’s walking proof that the benefits of supplementation can be extraordinary. She’s now thirteen, passed her latest senior checkup with flying colours, and she’s just ridiculously spritely! She is, in fact, so very cheeky and active that she often barks at my husband and I to keep playing when we’re the ones who get tired and have to sit down for a break!

For Lulu I focus on three main areas of supplementation - detox and organ support, immune and digestive support, and joint support. If there was just one tip I could pass on to anyone thinking of starting a supplemental regime for their dog it would be - don’t settle for anything other than HUMAN-GRADE ingredients. There are a lot of gimmicky pet supplements popping up everywhere from pet stores and vet clinics to eBay and discount online stores, making it easy to get confused about what’s best for your pet and your budget. Remember, price doesn’t necessarily reflect quality - just because a product might be more expensive, if it isn’t completely transparent about its ingredients and the sources of those ingredients, steer clear. Make your pet supplement decisions with as much care as you would do with your own.

I’ve always made my own supplement mix for Lulu from human-grade supplements, carefully adjusting dose rates to suit her. I make them myself simply because when I started out there just wasn’t anything else on the market that came close to what I wanted. Thankfully, times have most certainly changed!

There are some absolutely wonderful ethical, quality supplement blends for dogs starting to lift their heads boldly above the pack.The company I’ve been the most impressed by is Augustine Approved. Their supplements are created with the same passion, for the same reason and with the same principles that started me on my supplement journey for Lulu, years ago. Their formulas are not just natural, they’re certified organic, beautifully thought out and balanced - ensuring that the essentials their Super-Boost blend delivers come from bio-available, whole food sources as opposed to the cheap synthetics that can be found in many other products. For anyone considering starting out with supplementation for their dogs - Augustine Approved’s Super-Boost is a wonderful place to start.

One last thing to remember, is that supplementation is only as effective as your dog’s ability to digest and absorb those essential nutrients. So to make sure your dogs digestive system is in tip-top shape when you hit them with the good stuff, be sure to include a quality pro-biotic in their diet. Meals For Mutt’s Intestinal Health Plus is a good one and available right here on Organic Bone.



Lix North - Artist, Illustrator, Photographer, founder of

Lix grew up on a farm in rural New Zealand, surrounded by animals. 20+ years spent studying holistic principles and gaining a basic understanding of metabolic, enzymatic and genetic processes empowered her to manage my own sensitivities, methylation and immune issues at a level that conventional medical science alone was unable to offer. So, as her bull terrier puppy Lulu’s sensitivities became apparent the most obvious solution seemed simply to apply the very same level of research and holistic care. The results speak for themselves through the healthy, energetic, cheeky, now 13 year old, Lulu Bully

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