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As the owner of Imperial Pet Co. I am proud to say that I spent the first 16 years of my life growing up with and caring for these amazing animals on the family farm in Canterbury, New Zealand. 
3 in1 Corrugated Hair straightening Growing up on the farm I learnt a lot about deer and even had my own stag. From a fawn he was mine, I got to name him and I still remember his big red tag. He was #10. The number 10 is still one of my lucky numbers to this day.

Although our farm had been supplying velvet for many years, I didn’t really understand what it was used for until I got a lot older. It was when my older brother broke a bone in his ankle playing rugby and was given some deer velvet powder that I learnt of its medicinal use and healing properties. 
Sean was told he would be off the field for 4-6 months, but after just 6 weeks was back training and after just 3 months was back playing again.

It was a few years later that Sean and I went on to start our own company selling deer velvet for humans. The feedback over the years from customers was amazing and became one of the biggest highlights of running our business. Then, with this success, we decided to move into the canine health market too.

At this time our family dog, Mac, a big beautiful golden retriever, was starting to show signs of arthritis from old age, so we decided he would be our first trial. We ran Mac on a deer velvet mix for a few weeks and the results were incredible! Our little man was moving better, he was happier, his coat was shiny and he had a new found spring in his step. We trialed the product on a number of other pets all with similarly positive results. That was confirmation enough for us and our new venture began.

Our company ran for many years and I was lucky enough to receive hundreds of emails from happy customers from all around the world that had seen the same results as we had with Mac.

I left the company in my brothers’ capable hands while I went travelling for a period of time, but throughout my overseas travels I was constantly thinking about how well this product had helped our customers in New Zealand. Whenever I saw a dog limping, or would hear about someone’s dog that had arthritis I would think “deer velvet should be available for every pet in need”.

With this in mind, I started Imperial Pet Co. in 2016 with the goal to widen the market and make this natural canine health supplement accessible to everybody, and to give dog owners a choice other than synthetic treatments for their pets.

We look forward to hearing more wonderful stories of pets living a happier and healthier life with Imperial deer velvet.

This is one of the most unique aspects of deer velvet – it is 100% harm free and renewable.

Deer are the only mammals in the world that can repeatedly grow an appendage. Every year the stag (male deer) grows antlers in the lead up to mating season. In the wild antlers are used by the stag to assert dominance over the other male deer to prove he is the best mate for the females. These antlers are naturally shed every year after the mating season and regenerate all over again the following year.

This means we can harvest Imperial Pet Co. deer velvet every single year from the same deer without harming the animal – there is nothing else like this in the world!

Deer Velvet has been used for over 2,000 years in traditional Chinese medicine, it has hundreds of naturally occurring active ingredients from the single source and is 100% naturally renewable – it’s a super supplement!


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