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Husband and wife team, Scott and Holly have always been extremely fond of dogs and cats and when Holly had their first child in April of 2013, she had the time off work she needed to become heavily involved in the rescuing of dogs and cats, working with several rescue groups, fostering and rehoming close to 100 dogs.

Doing this opened their eyes to the constant struggle some unlucky dogs and cats face. Not only do a lot of these dogs not know love from humans as they should, but a huge amount of them that land at our front door, arrive in pretty poor condition. Malnourishment, emaciation, skin/allergy problems, digestion problems (constant diarrhea and/or terrible gas) have been some of the most common things we’ve seen to name a few. The one common link between these foster dogs that have had these problems has been a poor diet.

We always bought the best quality kibbles from the store and even the ones recommended and sold by vets, but they just didn’t cut it when it came to rebuilding some dogs’ health. We couldn’t stand seeing these dogs suffer any longer and started researching what would be best to feed them to give them what they needed nutritionally and help them recover from their ailments, whilst putting on much needed healthy weight, improving their digestion, teeth, coat/skin and strength. Voila! We stumbled upon a raw food diet!

Looking around our area, there was nothing on the market that offered what we needed – an affordable, complete and balanced raw diet for your pet. So we decided to research, study and gain knowledge from numerous animal nutritionists to ensure we were feeding them a healthy, beneficial diet. Once we started feeding our own dogs this new diet, the effects were immediate, much healthier, happier dogs. Friends started approaching us to make food for their dogs and… Raw & Fresh was born.

Raw & Fresh have now devised several recipes for pooches (and pussy cats) that will not only improve their overall well being by getting their vitamins, minerals and nutrients from natural food, but they absolutely love it and will devour it at dinner time!

We also now have good friends of ours who've joined our passionate team. Adam and Eliza first approached us with their purebred Rottweiler, Buddha, who at less than 1 year old was already showing signs of hip and elbow dysplasia. Devastated, they started doing their research and discovered that a raw diet may benefit her and contacted us to help them with it. Once Buddha had been on Raw & Fresh for a couple of weeks, the difference in her overall health was incredible. Along with some suitable exercise, Raw & Fresh has helped Buddha become a much more freely moving dog. Seeing this transformation themselves, Adam and Eliza wanted to get involved and help spread the word of this tremendous diet and we couldn’t be happier to have them as part of the ECD family! Together now we have over 500 customers spreading from Cessnock down to Wollongong and everywhere in between.

As members of the public, we rely heavily on being told the truth including what to feed our pets. Unfortunately too many people fall into the trap that is set by big pet food companies and their fancy marketing. People think they’re doing the right thing and are told that by numerous vets etc, but reading the back of the food packaging, they have no idea what is in it and what they’re feeding their dog. East Coast Dogs wants to help educate people to learn what is best to feed your pet and the perfect way is to start with Raw & Fresh.




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