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  • The Foobler

    The Foobler is the most advanced and engaging dog toy we have ever come across! The Foobler is an automatic, self-reloading treat dispensing puzzle toy that has 6 timer activated pods.

    It's like having SIX puzzle toys in one, that can deliver a full day's worth of dried food or treats over the course of several hours.

    We have seen many pet puzzle and treat dispensing toys before, as well as automatic release feeders, but nothing has ever filled the product gap between the two.

    Many dogs will learn quickly how a treat dispensing toy works and will get the treats out within minutes.

    The Foobler has six different pods for storing treats or dried food, and you can set the timer to release each pods at different intervals. A bell will chime when each pod is ready to be released, so your dog can enjoy the fun of the Foobler throughout the day!

    Help prevent your dog becoming bored and destructive when you aren't home, by using the Foobler to keep them engaged and happy.

    So how does it work?

    Step 1 - Containing your excitement, twist off the feeding lid and pour in your dog's favourite dried food or treats. The Foobler can hold up to two cups of dried food!

    Step 2 - Set the timer intervals by flipping it over and remove the power pod. Select from 15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes on the timer switch. The bell will ring and the Foobler will be ready to go, and yep that's a real bell you hear!

    Step 3 - It's almost GO TIME (that's fun doggy time). Twist the power pod back in and push the power button. You'll see it light up and you will know the Foobler is on and working.

    Step 4 - Do a Happy Foobler dance, you are ready to go!

    Watch the Foobler in action!

    Features include:

    - The Foobler is super durable, and FREE of any BFA plastic so it's safe for your dog and environmentally friendly.

    - The Foobler comes with 6 pods for you to store food or treats in

    - Each pod is timer activated to release treats at 15, 30, 60 or 90 minute intervals, which you can easily set yourself.

    - When the Foobler is ready to release food, a bell will chime letting your dog know it's time to play!

    Size Guide

    The Foobler is approximately 6" in diameter and is currently available in one colour (Blue and orange).


    * Batteries not included

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